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Nodetrax Maps & Platform

Supported by our ground breaking platform, Nodetrax Maps can accurately pinpoint the user's location to give them precise directions to their desired destination.


Nodetrax Maps on Display

Our mapping software is customized to run on multiple hardware configurations, including large touchscreen monitors and handheld smartphones. Equipped with large touch-screen monitors, they can be placed in any accessible areas for the users to use.


User Friendly SmartPhone App

With the increasing popularity with smartphones, we can create a easy-to-use application which allows your users not only search on the go, but also receive interactive turn-by-turn directions to their point of interest as well as receive coupon and advertising material as they browse through the locations.


Indoor Navigation

Using our state-of-the-art platform we can navigate users within the most complex infrastructures. Whether it is an underground parking lot or a 100,000 seat stadium, our platform can handle it all.


Specializing in Indoor Routing and Navigation Solutions

Our indoor navigation system allows user tracking and triangulation on multilevel infrastructures.
This revolutionary design is an industry-best and brings indoor navigation to a whole new level of convenience.

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Who we are

Nodetrax Inc. helps develop innovative custom mapping, indoor tracking and navigation solutions, regardless of the size or the complexity of the infrastructure.

About Us
  • Location searching and routing users in an indoor environment has not been easy even with the help from static directories. We have cleverly designed Nodetrax Maps along with an innovative platform that helps users with turn-by-turn directions to reach their point of interest.

  • Placing multiple Nodetrax Locators throughout the building infrastructure is the key to accurately locating the users. From there, our powerful platform will use the received data to calculate the fastest routes to their destination and transmit the directions to user's device.

  • Our platform runs entirely on the cloud which means there is no need to set up servers on site. Our platform is scaled automatically depending on the number of requests and guaranteed 99.9% available.

Additional features

Marketing Strategies

With our flexible and configurable platform, retailers and marketers can utilize our advertising platform to post promotions and coupons.

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Users' profiles & history

Using our sophisticated algorithms, we are able to detect trends and patterns when the users use the system. Whether it is a specific time of the year, a coupon or an ad that went viral, our system can track its response and effectiveness.

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Gift Cards on the Go

This add-on feature can enable users to purchase e-gift cards through the mobile application. The application also allows the user to send the e-gift card to their friends and families.

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